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High grade bamboo craft with a traditional Japanese patterns motif.

The wa-gu-mi series was made of bamboo, and could be easily assembled without using tools or adhesives, also receiving the reputational gains for being environmentally friendly.

The traditional Japanese pattern are succinctly and accurately  expressed in creative way by using laser cutting.

wagumi – 4.jpg
wagumi – 5.jpg
アセット 1300.png
アセット 1300.png

Bamboo is known for being a ecological natural material, it is a tree-like plant that grows faster than any other plant and also can thrive by using little or no pesticides.

アンカー 1

card case

Card Case

The card does not fall even without a lid, making it easy to remove.

About 20 business cards can be stored .

アンカー 2

Gift box

Gift Box

A gift box with a Japanese pattern that emerges when you cover it with a lid.

You can also use it as an accessory case.

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